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Role in the Band - Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar and hosting practice sessions

Experience - Guitar on and off since childhood. Trumpet at school

Skills include - Transposing, Fret-board knowledge, focus and commitment

Growth aims - Leaning songs well enough to go without cheat sheets

Musical taste - leans towards metal

Dave is at the heart of MLC and by far the most accomplished musician (it's all relative though!). He is also the most dedicated and focused on the music keeping the rest of us on track.

He hosts an annual festival at his country home for younger fans, typically in their 20's.

About the band

The musicians in MLC came together in the picturesque Isle of Man and bonded over their shared passions for sound, rhythm and beats. Each member brings a unique musical aesthetic to the band and over the years we’ve grown comfortable jumping genres and mashing up influences.

Looking for a good time or want to sing along to classics through the decades? - we’re perfect. 

One day we'll ditch the music stands!


Still at an early stage - we haven't quite got to the point where we can ditch the music sheets. with our comfort blanketless 

Esther the guester - One off vocal performance at our first gig


  We’re packing up the gear for an extended U.S. tour in support of our new album. Our set list will prominently feature the new stuff but also dive into favorites from our previous releases. Check out our tour page for when we’ll be playing near you.

About the Band Members



Instruments - Backing Vocals , Rhythm  Guitar & Keys

Powers - Synth Building, Web managing and Vlogging

Band Members



Lead vocal and holder of the groups guitar skills.

Dave is the musician of the band having played on and off since his teens.



Rhythm guitar and occasional backing vocals.

Phil is the technician of the band owning the PA, lighting, mixing desks and any other excuse not to practice enough.



Pro level drummer and studying music at University. Matt can put his sticks to anything and just has to turn up when needed. Known to play with wooden spoons when he forgot his sticks - couldn't tell the difference. 



Core Bass player having transferred from playing acoustic guitar.

Gavin drives the beat and likes nothing more than feeling low man.



Harmonica, rhythm guitar and backing vocals.

Mike really livens up many of our songs by whipping out his tin sandwich at just the right moment.



Our UK guest bass player and founding performer at our first gig.

Alan can really thump out a tune but is too good to perform with us regularly - it'd be too depressing.

MLC just starting out in 2016

This was us when we were starting out in 2016. Not too bad for us back then.


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